Technology Systems and Services

The Town’s Technology Systems Administrator (TSA) manages or oversees the Town’s computers, servers, backups, security, file sharing, wireless systems, internet, e-mail, technology use rules, all technology related purchases, video security systems for the Police, Harbor and Public Works departments, the private Public Safety records systems and in-vehicle communication networks.

The TSA also oversees the planning, budgeting, purchasing, maintenance, support, broadcasting & recording, policies, archival, and usage of all multimedia systems and computer related technology in the Town to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness, public access, protection of data and accountability.

The TSA maintains the fiber network & switches that connect all Town locations, the phone system(s) (VOIP and traditional), free wireless access in the downtown parks, assists in maintaining the radio frequency system monitoring our Water and Wastewater Division’s pump and metering systems, the Town’s website and finally, the television broadcast system through either Spectrum channel 7 or via web streaming of the local government meetings.

The TSA serves in an advisory role to the Communication & Technologies Committee and is also the Town’s representative of the Penobscot Downeast Cable Consortium (PDCC); the group of municipalities which negotiates and manages the cable television franchise agreement with Spectrum. The TSA is also on call for emergency support for Mission Critical systems in operation by the Public Safety Division (Police and Fire) 24/7 365 days a year.

If you have questions relating to Spectrum regarding its cable franchise service obligations to you, the customer, please contact Steve.

Technology Systems Administrator - Stephen Cornell: 288-5096 Email