Parks & Recreation

Bar Harbor is a busy, active place year round. We have many municipally maintained public parks and grounds used by residents and visitors alike for a variety of purposes. For more information about these parks visit the Public Parks page.

Activities are scheduled by making a request to the Department of Public Works specifying dates, times, a description of your activity or event, and any special accommodations you may need. Your request will go before the Parks and Recreation Committee for approval.

As you can see, a request for an activity or event in Bar Harbor needs to start well in advance of your event date to ensure fair consideration. For any questions regarding events on town grounds or how you may organize an event please contact the Highway Division.

Parks & Recreation Committee
The Bar Harbor Parks and Recreation Committee is a town committee devoted to the review of town owned public land with an eye toward restricting overuse of lands and to direct the implementation of policies for use of public places that is fair to all.