Online Payments

Parking Violation Payments

Payment can be made at

All Other Payments

Follow the instructions outlined below and visit Official Payments to make a payment.

Convenience & Flexibility

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of credit card payments for taxes or fees. In cooperation with the Town of Bar Harbor, Official Payments Corporation offers you the opportunity to pay taxes or fees by telephone or directly over the internet.

Safe & Reliable

This service is safe, reliable, and in accordance with all state and government regulations. In order to process your payment, Official Payments Corporation, the credit card service provider, charges a nominal convenience fee based on the amount of the transaction.


To pay by credit card call the toll free number 1-800-2PAY-TAX (800-272-9829) or visit Official Payments website to pay taxes by credit card over the Internet. For telephone payments, enter your Jurisdiction Code when prompted.

You will be asked to enter information such as:
  • The type of tax or fee
  • Parcel number or Utility Account number
  • Your credit card information
  • The amount of the tax or fee payment
  • Jurisdiction Code 2928
The system will:
  • Tell you the total of your payment including the appropriate fee
  • Obtain approval of the charge.
  • Issue an onscreen confirmation number and a printable digital receipt


Confirmation is emailed to users who request it. The charge will also appear on your credit card statement as the tax amount on one line and the convenience fee amount on a separate line.