Jesup Memorial Library

Bar Harbor library services are provided by the nonprofit Jesup Memorial Library, which is operated by a volunteer board of directors. Funding is provided by endowment incomes, annual fund drive, book sales, and a municipal stipend.

The Bar Harbor Village Library was first established in 1875.  The library was moved when, in 1911, Mrs. Morris K. Jesup gave the present library (the “Library”) to the Town of Bar Harbor in memory of her husband, a New York financier and philanthropist, who had spent many summers in Bar Harbor.  The Library, located in the downtown village, is a handsome brick structure, designed by Delano and Aldrich, architects from New York. The interior of the building is richly decorated with cut marble and oak paneling throughout. In April, 1991 the Jesup Memorial Library was entered in the National Register of Historic Places.

The library is not a municipal department, but you can visit the Jesup Memorial Library website for more information.