Sewer Backups

The Town of Bar Harbor understands that residents may experience water in their basements. Sometimes the source of this water can be from rising groundwater, rain, snowmelt, surface water, etc. Other times a back-up in either the private portion of the sewer service or the public sewer serving the street may be at fault. In the event you are experiencing an active sewer back-up, have a broken or leaking sewer pipe, or are aware of an overflowing manhole, please call Bar Harbor Wastewater Division at 288-4028. We will respond immediately to assess the situation and either correct the problem or advise you on a course of action you can take to remedy the situation. 

Please read this brochure for additional information on the how you can help prevent sewer backups in your service and the sewer mains servicing your area
Sewer Backup and Overflows Brochure