Public Parks

Agamont Park
Agamont Park overlooks the town pier and Frenchman Bay at the end of West Street in Bar Harbor. It's a great place to picnic while watching the summer ebb and flow of boats, pedestrians and cruise ships. Don't forget the shore path to your right. This park has free Wi-Fi.
Fountain at Agamont Park
Agamont Park (Small)

Barker Park

This is the newest park created from purchased land and is located next to the US Post Office on Cottage Street.  It can serve as a place to sit and read, rest or eat as the park has plenty of park benches in both sun and shade.  
Centered in the park is a sculpture, made from Maine granite that the Town obtained from the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium in 2010.

Degregoire Green

Degregoire Green, on the corner of Eden and West Streets was inspired and created in 2019 to add to the new Eden Street multiple use path. More specifically, a nicely landscaped, safe space with benches, shade trees, lights and a brick walking path.

Degregoire Green

This corner lot, the former site of the DeGregoire Hotel, sat empty and overgrown since the Great Fire of 1947 but has finally reached its full potential making the gateway to the downtown attractive, welcoming and befitting of Bar Harbor's reputation. The Town is well known for its beautiful parks so the bar was already set high for the new green to meet those standards and combine some old popular elements with the new while making a statement of its own. Interesting pieces include the old style fountain with it's four medusa head spouts, the memorial granite benches, the memorial to the fire of '47 and the stone pillar sculpture representing the many columns and chimneys left standing like silent sentinels after the fire swept through.

Degregoire Green 2

The land was provided by Joseph Cough and Lance Mahaney. Funding to build the park came mostly from private citizens and businesses, a small grant from the Town and with $50,000 in seed money and creative design coming from the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association, the same organization that built the Village Green over 100 years ago.

Grant Park

Grant Park is hidden away at the end of Albert Meadow across from the Village Green. Down the road and through the gates, and you'll have found a quiet park overlooking the ocean. This park had renovations and improvements in 2017. 2 hour parking is allowed at the park.

grant park
Harborview Park
This small park and promenade on West Street at the bottom of Main Street facing the ocean is a centrally located place to gather and relax while watching Bar Harbor locals and visitors travel through their day around you. Harborview Park is within a quick walk to many downtown shops and restaurants as well.
Village Green
Located in the center of town, the Village Green is a great place to relax, and a quiet place to wander. Many events can be enjoyed there throughout the year; art shows and band concerts in the summer, and seasonal celebrations in the winter. This park has free Wi-Fi.
Gazbo at Village Green
Village Green