Town Council Approved Financial Policies

    The Purpose of Fiscal Policies
    Setting (and then following) clearly articulated fiscal policies is one of the most prudent financial management tools available for preserving long-term financial health.  They:

    •    Help prevent problems from arising in the good times, and respond to bad times when they do occur.
    •    Establish a strong foundation for long-term fiscal health, the underlying basis for case-by-case decision making.
    •    Provide continuity as elected officials and managerial staff change.
    •    Make effective decision making easier by articulating the organization’s standards before it is put under financial stress.
    •    Provide context for what kind of decisions should be made, as a road map rather than a limitation.
    •    Provide guidance as to levels of debt the community’s taxpayers can handle balanced with infrastructure needs.

  • Fund Balance Policy
  • Investment Policy
  • Debt Management Policy
  • Banking Policy
  • Debt Compliance Policy