Permit Plan Requirements

All applications for a permit shall be accompanied by a plan that includes:

  1. All items accurately drawn to scale
  2. Actual dimensions and distances
  3. Actual shape and dimensions of the lot for which a permit is sought
  4. The location and size of all buildings, structures, water bodies, and other significant features currently existing on the lot
  5. The location of new buildings, structures, or portions thereof to be constructed
  6. Building design plans for new structures
  7. The existing and intended use of each building or structure
  8. The location of soils test pits, subsurface sewage disposal system, parking lots, driveways, signs, buffer strips and private wells as applicable
  9. Such other information as may be reasonably required by the Code Enforcement Officer to provide for the administration and enforcement of the Land Use Ordinance

Building Energy Code Requirements:

The building's thermal envelope shall be represented on the construction documents:

  1. Insulation materials, R-values and air sealing details
  2. Fenestration U-factors and solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC)
  3. Mechanical and service water heating system equipment types, sizes, and efficiencies
  4. Equipment and system controls
  5. Duct sealing, duct and pipe insulation and location
  6. Compliance path method