Planning Board - Reviewed Projects

According to Chapter 125 Article V § 125-61 E. (1), if application is deemed complete by the Planning Board, it shall be deemed pending.

Once the application is approved, the project moves to Code Enforcement.

Projects approved in 2023:

Projects approved in 2022:

  • SP-2021-04: Atlantic Oceanside employee housing (Employee Living Quarters)
  • SD-2021-05: Clark Acres subdivision modification (Fisk lot line)
  • SD-2021-03: Harbor Lights Retirement Community
  • SP-2021-05: Evergreen Yurts
  • SP-2022-01: College of the Atlantic Student Housing
  • SD-2022-04: Lamb Subdivision (Anderson Lot Line)
  • SP-2022-05: JAX Lot B Access Project
  • SP-2022-04: River Church

  • SP-2022-02: Bar Harbor Community Solar
  • SP-2022-08 — JAX Childcare
    • Applicant/Owner: The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), 600 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
    • Application: The proposed project is to construct a new childcare center to serve JAX employees. The wood-framed, single-story building is designed to be approximately 6,800 square feet and will serve approximately 53 children and 20 staff. The proposed facility will be constructed adjacent to Parking Lot A at the southerly end of campus in a currently undeveloped area. The project includes a fenced outdoor play space and a drop-off loop with ten parking spaces.
    • Location: The property is located 600 Main Street/Route 3 (Tax Map 253, Lot 7). The parcel encompasses a total of ±21.16 acres, according to town tax records. 
    • District: Scientific Research for Eleemosynary Purposes
    • Application Materials:
      • Application (submitted 7/14/2022)
      • (No new materials from applicant for September 7 meeting)

  • SD-2022-01 Red House Farm Subdivision
    • Applicant/Owner: Finback on Cottage, LLC, C/O Michael Boland, P.O. Box 10, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
    • Application: To subdivide a 27-acre lot into three (3), two-acre, single-family lots with a fourth, 21-acre lot to be retained by the owners.
    • Project Location: 16 Hadley Point Road (Tax Map 202, Lot 58), encompassing a total of ±27.18 acres, according to town tax records
    • Districts: Salisbury Cove Corridor and Salisbury Cove Residential
    • Application Materials:
  • Completeness/Compliance Review and Public Hearing: SP-2022-06 – Kebo Street Shared Accommodations
    • Applicant: Fraser Associates Architects, 11 Everard Court, Suite A, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
    • Owner: Witham Family Limited Partnership, 215 High Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605
    • Application: To construct an 80-bed, shared accommodation with eight kitchens and 23 bathrooms with showers, and one apartment for the manager. The structure will include a total of 17,150 square feet (three floors and a basement). In the basement will be the laundry room, storage space and mechanical equipment.
    • Project Location: 39 Kebo Street (Tax Map 104, Lot 411), encompassing a total of ±0.45 acres, according to town tax records
    • Districts: Mount Desert Street Corridor
    • Application Materials:

  • SP-2022-07 Bluenose Inn
    • Applicant: Bluenose Inn, 90 Eden Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
    • Owner: Lafayette Bluenose LLC, 155 Littlefield Ave, Bangor Maine 04401
    • Application: The construction of a new four-story hotel building (±9725 square feet footprint) in the approximate location of the former Bluenose Inn structure that burned in February 2022. The new hotel will have 21 suites.
    • Project Location: 90 Eden Street (Tax Map 101, Lot 21), encompassing a total of ±4.65 acres, according to town tax records
    • District: Bar Harbor Gateway
    • Application Materials:
  • SD-2022-05 Salvatore Subdivision 
    • Applicant: Eben Salvatore, 123 Eden Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
    • Owner: Heirs of Judith Strout, P.O. Box 36, Hulls Cove, Maine 04644
    • Application: Split Tax Map 228 Lot 34 encompassing ±17.7 acres into two lots — one lot will be 13.3 acres and the other lot will be 4.4 acres. Also, part of the subdivision is Tax Map 228 Lot 34-2 (now 2.31 acres) which was originally part of Tax Map 228 Lot 34 (the parent lot).
    • Project Location: 21 Russell Farm Road (Tax Map 228, Lot 34), encompassing a total of ±17.7 acres. 
    • Project Location: 21 Russell Farm Road (Tax Map 228, Lot 34), encompassing a total of ±17.7 acres.
    • Districts: McFarland Hill Residential, McFarland Hill Rural, Shoreland Limited Residential and Resource Protection
    • Application Materials:

Compliance Review and Public Hearing: SD-2022-06 – Natures Gift Subdivision

Compliance Review and Public Hearing: SP-2022-09 - KOA Terramor Employee Housing

  • Applicant/Owner: Kampgrounds of America, 550 North 31st Street, Billings, Montana, 59101
  • Application: Reconfiguration of the existing employee campsite area to include the remodel of the three existing trailers used for employee campsites, two new trailers, one 2-unit trailer, one employee mess hall trailer, a laundry trailer, and laundry building. There will be 14 parking spaces for the employees.  The changes are taking place over an area that was reflected in the drawings in the previously approved Wellness Tent permit. The applicant is proposing to convert approximately 26,694 square feet of the existing employee area to reinforced turf. A new septic system will serve existing demands along with the proposed.
  • Location: The property is located at 1453 State Highway 102, Bar Harbor, ME, 04609 (Tax Map 219, Lot 38)
  • District: Town Hill Business
  • Application Materials:

2022 Minor Projects

  • MSP-2022-02 — Terramor Wellness Tent, Outdoor Showers and Fire Pit
    • Applicant/Owner: Kampgrounds of America (KOA), 550 North 31st Street, Billing, Montana, 59101
    • Application: Construction of a wellness tent to be located between the main access road and the road leading to the maintenance area, relocate a fire pit, and build three outdoor showers onto existing individual tents. Also permit an existing small footpath and five existing outdoor showers serving individual tents. This application replaces the applicant’s two previous applications (MSP-2021-02 Terramor Outdoor and MSP-2021-06 Terramor Wellness Tent).
    • Location: The physical address of the project is 1453 State Highway 102 (Tax Map 219 Lot 38). The land encompasses 47.10 acres and is located in the Resource Protection, Shoreland Limited Residential, Town Hill Rural, and Town Hill Business districts.
    • Link to application: MSP-2022-02 — Terramor Wellness Tent, Outdoor Showers and Fire Pit

  • Minor Site Plan Modification — MSP-2021-07 — C-Ray Lobster Storage Expansion
    • Applicant/Owner: Joshua and Kaitlin Hodgkins, 882 State Highway 3, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
    • Application:To permit an after-the-fact 14 feet by 24 feet storage structure attached to the building and an abutting 10 feet by 16 feet shed.
    • Location: The physical address of the project is 882 State Highway 3 (Tax Map 207, Lot 10). The land encompasses ±1.82 acres and is located in the Salsbury Cove Corridor District with a diminimus amount in the Salsbury Cove Rural District. The project is entirely located in the former district.

  • Application #MSP-2022-04 0151 — Atlantic Oceanside Steel Stair Replacement and Balcony at the Main Hotel

    Applicant/Owner: Witham Family, LLC, 215 High Street, Ellsworth, Maine 04605

    Application: The replacement and enclosure of two existing, exterior steel stairs, and the enclosure of the exterior balconies/first floor landings serving those stairs. This application amends SP-2021-04 Atlantic Oceanside Employee Living Quarters.

    Location: The property is located at 119 Eden Street, Tax Map 101, Lots 1 and 2. The parcels encompass ±10.59 acres of land, according to town tax records. The subject land is in the Bar Harbor Gateway and the Shoreland General Development III districts.

    The application is available here as a PDF.

    Minor Subdivision Plan Modification — MSD-2022-01 — McFarland Farm, LLC

    • Applicant/Owner: McFarland Farm, LLC (c/o Joseph Cough), 4 Holland Avenue, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
    • Application:To modify SD-2019-01 The Farm Subdivision, recorded at the Hancock Registry of Deeds as Instrument NO. 180 File 47 NO. 63. The modifications will consist of 1) changing the phasing plan for road construction; 2 ) changing the vertical layout of the road; 3) changing the stormwater management plan to add filtration beds and easements; 4) adding easements and covenants to further protect vernal pools; and 5) revise the Homeowners Association.
    • Location: The project is located off of Route 3 and Ledgewood Road (Tax Map/Lot numbers 207-043-000, 207-043-001, 207-043-002, 207-043-003, 207-043-004, 207-043-005, 207-043-006, 207-043-007, 207-043-008, 207-043-009, 207-043-010, 207-043-011, 207-043-012, 207-043-013, and 214-004-000). The land encompasses ±72.78 acres and is located in the Salisbury Cove Corridor, Salisbury Cove Rural, Shoreland Limited Residential and Resource Protection.

Applicant/Owner: Philip and Emily Rusiecki, 78 Black Watch Trail, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Application: Modify Acadia Farm Subdivision, recorded on August 21, 2003 at the Hancock Registry of Deeds as Instrument NO. 346 File 31 NO. 194. The modifications will consist in the merging of Tax Map 227, Lots 107 and 108.

Location: The project is located at 78 Black Watch Trail (Tax Map 227, Lots 107 and 108) in the Town Hill Rural and Shoreland Limited Residential districts.

A copy of the application is available here.

Projects approved in 2021:

  • Jackson Lab housing (apartments off of Route 3)
  • Jones Marsh affordable housing (Planned Unit Development)
  • Oceanarium re-zoning request
  • Jackson Lab re-zoning request