Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Bar Harbor is beginning to develop a new Comprehensive Plan, with an outlook to the year 2035. Please read below and explore the links for more information.

A website dedicated to this new Comprehensive Plan project has been developed, and can also be accessed by clicking the image below (which also links to the webpage):

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Project Purpose Description & Background:

The purpose of the new Bar Harbor Comprehensive Plan is to reflect and respond to the needs, values, and priorities of the community while safeguarding Bar Harbor’s sense of place, history, and natural resources. The new plan will serve as a guide for future growth and development, covering subjects such as, but not limited to, land use, zoning, capacity and expansion of utilities, economic development, transportation, housing, recreation, capital budgeting, provision for municipal services and facilities, and regional coordination. The plan will also serve as a foundation for determining effective public policy, master planning, and land use decisions for the future. The new Bar Harbor Comprehensive Plan will have a 2035 outlook. Bar Harbor’s current Comprehensive Plan dates back to 2007. As part of the planning process, the town desires to place a major emphasis on community engagement to involve residents and stakeholders in framing a plan that truly belongs to the community and implements its values.

Contact and Comprehensive Planning Committee information:

Public Participation:

To find an upcoming meeting of the Comprehensive Planning Committee, be sure to check out the meeting agendas link above (public comment periods are part of each meeting).

For other ways to stay up to date and offer your input in the process, please visit the How to Participate page on the Comprehensive Plan project website.

Documents and Related Resources:

Documents and other related resources that were previously linked here can now be accessed on the Documents page on the Comprehensive Plan project website.