VacAtion Rentals



All vacation rentals must be registered with the Town of Bar Harbor on an annual basis, prior to rental. Previously registered vacation rentals must re-register on or before May 31 annually. Registration is under the management of the Code Enforcement Officer.


All vacation rental properties must pass an inspection prior to the issuance of the registration card.


  • A inspection will be scheduled with the property owner upon submission of the completed form and payment of the registration fee.  

  • A registration card will be issued after completion of the inspection and when all requirements are met. 

  • The card will certify that the applicant has met all requirements and passed the required inspection.

  • The registration card must be posted on the premises of the vacation rental unit for convenient inspection by a vacation rental occupant.

  • Registration does not relieve the property owner from the obligation to obtain any additional permits necessary.

  • Failure to comply with the requirements above will constitute a violation under the Bar Harbor Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 125, Article X.

  • An appeal from the action of Code Enforcement or the Fire Department may be sought through the powers and responsibilities in the Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 125, § 125-103.

 Additional Forms & Information: