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Land Use Ordinance (Click here to use the Town of Bar Harbor Land Use Ordinance Chapter 125

Polco survey on vacation rentals and transferability

At the direction of the Town Council, staff has created a survey that is now posted on Polco seeking the opinion of residents on the subject of vacation rental registrations and whether they should be allowed to be transferred from one owner to another.

The survey is available here:

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VR_polco_mailer_april2021A mailer has gone out to every postal patron in Bar Harbor with the web address for this survey along with information on the what the town is considering for vacation rental regulations at this time (see above image).

Proposed changes to Chapter 125 (Land Use Ordinance), which may be subject to future change before an eventual vote, can be found here.

The proposed Chapter 174 (Short-Term Rentals), which would replace the existing Chapter 190 (Vacation rentals), can be found here.