Vehicle Registration

Online Registration Renewal

For online registration, you will need a copy of your old registration, your current insurance card, and also your current mileage. Payment will be by electronic check via Maine Rapid Renewal.

This is not available for new registrations. Please come into the Town Office to complete that process.

Registration Reminder sent via Email

Want an electronic reminder your plates are due for renewal? You have two options:

Excise Tax

You can estimate your excise tax with our online excise calculator.

Renewal Registrations

The Excise Office is authorized to issue renewal registrations for automobiles, combination vehicles, handicapped, firefighter, motorcycles, mopeds, motor driven cycles, trailer, tractors, special equipment, special mobile equipment, stock cars, antique autos, horseless carriages, street rods, mobile homes, and trucks registered for the same gross weight as the previous year, whether commercial or farm trucks.
You will need to provide the following information at the time of your registration renewal:
  • Proof of insurance
  • Previous registration
  • The current mileage of the vehicle

New Registrations

The Excise Office is authorized to issue new registrations for automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, motor driven cycles, motor homes, trailers, mobile homes, farm tractors and commercial trucks to be registered for not more than 9,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

In processing new registrations the town is authorized to collect sales tax on sales where the tax has not already been paid and process Maine Title Applications for vehicles manufactured in 1992 and after.
In addition to the required information listed under renewal registrations you will also need:
  • The bill of sale or dealer's certificate
  • Application for Maine Title
  • For a used vehicle (1995 or newer), the previous title
  • For a new (not used) vehicle, the dealer's window sticker

New Residents

Individuals moving to Bar Harbor from within the state, must, within 10 days, come to the Excise Office and have an address change completed on their vehicle registration (no charge), and have their drivers license address changed at a local Maine Department of Motor Vehicles office.

Individuals moving to Bar Harbor from out of state, must, within 30 days of residency in Bar Harbor, register their vehicles at the Excise Office.

You will need to bring:
  • The previous out of state registration
  • The original title to the vehicle if it is a 1995 or newer model
  • Proof of insurance coverage as required by the State of Maine
Please note if a private sale of a used vehicle from New Hampshire and there is no previous title, must have a notarized bill of sale.