Vehicles for Hire

Businesses operating a taxicab, carriage-for-hire, pedicab, limousine, or bus within the town limits of Bar Harbor must be licensed to do so by the town council, pursuant to Town Code Chapter 40.

How to obtain or renew a license
  • Complete and sign the application form. (You can fill in, save and print this form on your computer.)
  • Arrange to have the Police Chief inspect the vehicle and sign off on the application.
  • Submit the application with the Chief's approval, the required fee, and the Declarations (DEC) page of your insurance policy to the Town Clerk. The DEC page must show the limits of insurance along with the VIN number, year, make and model of each insured vehicle. (This DEC page is NOT the small "proof of insurance" certificate many drivers keep in the glove box with their vehicle registration.)
  • Your application will be placed on the next regularly scheduled Town Council agenda.