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Anyone with questions about a pending or planned project is encouraged to contact Planning Director Michele Gagnon by emailing for more information.

Contact information for the Planning Board is located lower on the page, beneath the agenda and applications.


  • 1st Wednesday of each month at 4 PM in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Building (93 Cottage Street)
  •   2022/early 2023 Planning Board Schedule The deadline for applications deadline is 20 days prior to a meeting

Upcoming Meetings:

June 1, 2022 at 4 PM - Regular Monthly Meeting 


  • The Planning Board has adopted a Remote Participation Policy that allows it to use means of remote participation under certain circumstances. By 4:00 PM on Friday, May 27, 2022, it will be determined if remote participation will be an option for the June 1, 2022 meeting. To find out if remote participation will be an option, and if it is an option how to join via Zoom, please come back and check this page at or after 4:00 PM on May 27, 2022.
  • All Planning Board meetings are broadcast live on Bar Harbor Spectrum channel 7 (in Bar Harbor) and streamed online at and archived on that website for later viewing after the meeting.
  • Anyone with a disability wishing to attend this meeting and who may have questions about how to do so should contact Michele Gagnon at or at 288-3329.

Link to full agenda and packet

Completeness and Compliance Review, and Public Hearing for Subdivision SD-2022-04 – Lamb Subdivision – Anderson Lot Line 

Applicant/Owner: Michael and Fayelle Anderson, 25 Manteca Drive, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Application: The project consists of the modification of the previously approved Lamb Subdivision. The applicant seeks to divide Tax Map 206 Lot 14 (25 Manteca Drive) into two lots: a 12.3-acre lot with three existing dwelling units and a 2.2-acre lot with one existing dwelling unit.

Project Location: 25 Manteca Drive (Tax Map 206, Lot 14), encompassing a total of 14.5± acres.

Districts: Shoreland Limited Residential and Salisbury Cove Residential

Link to Application: SD-2022-04 – Lamb Subdivision – Anderson Lot Line

Link to Revised Site Plan: SD-2022-04 – Lamb Subdivision – Anderson Lot Line, Revised Site Plan

Completeness Review for Site Plan SP-2022-05 — JAX Lot B Access Project

Applicant/Owner: The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), 600 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Application: The proposed project consists in the relocation of the access driveway to parking Lot B located on the west side of Main Street (Route 3) across from JAX. This relocation will separate the pedestrian traffic access crossing Route 3 from the main vehicular traffic entering and leaving the parking lot, improving pedestrian safety. 

The proposed access driveway is located approximately 250 feet north of the existing driveway. A new right turn-lane on Route 3 with a raised landscaped island will be installed for southbound traffic access to the parking lot. The existing right-turn lane and driveway pavement will be removed to provide additional landscaped area with sidewalk access between the parking lot and Route 3. A portion of this area will remain paved as a sidewalk to bring pedestrians from the parking area to the existing signaled Route 3 pedestrian crossing.

Location: The property is located across from the JAX campus (600 Main Street/Route 3) and known as Tax Map 115, Lot 21. The parcel encompasses a total of ±35.76 acres, according to town tax records. 

District: Scientific Research for Eleemosynary Purposes

Link to Application: SP-2022-05 — JAX Lot B Access Project

Completeness Review for Site Plan SP-2022-04 — River Church 

Applicant: The River Church, 1182 State Highway 102, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Owner: Pentecostal Lighthouse, 1184 State Highway 102, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Application: Renovation of the existing 4,922 square feet building and construction of a 7,078 square feet addition. 

Location: The property is located 1182/1184 State Highway 102, Tax Map 235, Lot 3. The parcel encompasses a total of ±2.59 acres, according to town tax records. 

District: Town Hill Residential Corridor

Link to Application: SP-2022-04 — River Church

Minor Site Plan — MSP-2021-04 - Stratford Inn

Owner: Stratford House, LLC, 39 High Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Applicant: Andrew Geel, 47 Mount Desert Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Application: Conversion of a single-family dwelling into a Bed & Breakfast. The garage will be removed and eight parking spaces will be provided. 

Location: The physical address of the project is 39 High Street. The land, Tax Map 104, Lot 317, is located in the Mount Desert Street Corridor district, and encompasses ¼ of an acre.

Link to Application: MSP-2021-04 - Stratford Inn

Remote Participation Policy

The Planning Board has adopted a policy allowing for remote participation, as allowed under state law. A copy of that policy is available here.

At this time, due to the urgent issue of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and the declarations of a public health emergency by both the US and Maine departments of Health & Human Services, that remote participation policy is in force and the Planning Board is conducting all its meetings fully remotely. Please contact the Planning & Code Enforcement office at (207) 288-3329 if you have questions about this.

Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

Applications & Procedures

Planning Board Applications, Procedures & Governing Documents

Tom St. Germain, Chair
(Term expires 2022)
Joseph Cough, Vice Chair
(Term expires 2023)
Millard Dority, Secretary
(Term expires 2023)
Elissa Chesler
(Term expires 2024)
Ruth Eveland
(Term expires 2024)
Earl Brechlin
(Term expires 2024)
Zachary Soares
(Term expires 2022)

Contact the Planning Board via email:

Please note: Sending an email to this address will go to all members of the Planning Board listed above, as well as town staff members in the Planning and Code Enforcement office: Planning Director Michele Gagnon, Code Enforcement Officer Angela Chamberlain, Deputy Code Enforcement Officer Mike Gurtler, Assistant Planner Steve Fuller and Administrative Assistant Tammy DesJardin.

If the message relates to a particular application before the Planning Board, that email will also be provided to the applicant. Any message sent to this email address is also considered a public record and may be subject to a request under the Maine Freedom of Access Act. Information that you wish to keep confidential should not be included in email correspondence to this address.

Contact information for individual Planning Board members is not provided, as anything sent to individual member(s) of the board and not all parties involved in the review of a particular application would constitute ex parte communication.