1. Broadcasting Town Meetings

    Keep yourself up-to-date on local broadcasts of town meetings and events.

  2. Cruise Ship Information

    Find information and schedules for cruise ships stopping in Bar Harbor.

  3. Dig Safe

    Prepare your next dig to be safe.

  4. Island Explorer

    Visit different destinations around the island with this free public transportation system.

  5. Parking Information

  6. Licensing & Permits

    Visit the town clerk's section to find permit applications.

  7. Medical Services

  8. Online Payments

    Pay your tax bill, utility bill, ambulance bill, vital record request, or parking ticket online.

  9. Public Restrooms

  10. Vacation Rental Inspections

    Get your rental property inspected to keep tenants safe and conform to codes.

  11. Vehicle Registration

    View registration information for new and current residents.

  12. Voter Registration / Information

    Register yourself to vote in the next local election.

  13. Email Reminder

    Sign up for notifications and alerts.